Monday, May 25, 2009

At Tan-Tar-A Best Friends Unite

Buddy Blue and Elsie Had a wonderful trip to Tan-Tar-A for the Conference on the Young Years. Buddy Blue is the adopted monkey of my best friend Tamy, and Elsie is my monkey (every preschool teacher needs a sock monkey).

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Lazy Weekend Day

Sammy: The best dog to every join our family, he will be greatly missed. I hope that you have a mommy in Doggy Heaven to love you the way that I did. Hugs and Kisses Love Mommy

Annabelle is the bath queen! She would spend hours "swimming" in the tub if I let her.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome Christian Dean

Christian Dean is the newest member of our extended family. My Brother-In-Law did a great job and both baby and mother are doing well.

The proud daddy with baby Christian just a few hours old!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brothers and Sisters can get along

Thank goodness the arguing that was present last week has given way to sibling love and togetherness!

The Clematis on the fence is lovely this year.

Spring Inspiration

planting morning glories along the fence.

irises ready to bloom

loving Sammy

Sewing projects in my mind

Baseball pants in progress
That is what spring is made of

Spring Yard Tour

Our Yard is budding with new life!

The Birds are building a nest in our favorite bird house.
The Iris buds are swelling in preparation for a warm spring day so that they may bloom.

My Hostas that started as very small starts from a local garden center several years ago have become large full-grown beauties.

Volunteer Columbine is blooming in the front bed.

The garden planting has started, there are tomatos, basil, lettuce, chives, and radishes.

Easter (Again)

Easter at the Sackrey's was fun for the kids. Grandpa Jim set up an easter egg hunt for the kids with the help of Tessa.

A Day at Preschool

I visited Annabelle's classroom for the morning and boy did we have fun! Annabelle loves to write with markers and share with her friends at school.

Annabelle and a friend partner up for a song during circle time.

This is Annabelle sitting with her favorite teacher Miss. Pam. The kids are looking in awe at their plants growing in the windows.

Easter 2009

The easter bunny brought huge lolly pops for both of the kids!

Annabelle loves hunting for eggs with grandpa! She brought home a lot of prizes!

And their favorite part of Easter is the dyeing of easter eggs! There are many holiday traditions in our home but this one is the family favorite, everyone enjoys dyeing eggs.

Family Reunion

Visits with granny always include loves and hugs and most importantly the opportunity to dig into granny's button collection.

From left to right are my mothers sisters (my aunts) Bonnie, Dixie, Debra and my mother Marvina.

And of course my little sister Ashley.