Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spinning Fibers

Spinning Fibers from Brown Sheep
This is a beautiful mix of white, brown, and black wool.
I do believe that it would like to become a scarf.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Current Spinning and Finished Dyed Fiber

I am currently spinning a white, brown, and black wool mixture on my Lendrum. More pictures when it is finished.
This is the first fiber that I dyed. I am calling it fire.
This is the second fiber that I dyed. I have not named it yet but the inspiration for the color combination was the Podcast Lime n Violet. I think that it turned out beautifully. This will be the next color on my wheel.
This was my final dye job for the day. I had two colors of blue left and one color of green. I dumbed, smooshed, and this is what came out. I am calling it ocean dive.
This was a small amount of roving that came in a recent order it has orange, brown, and black. My son helped me make this yarn by running the treadle he plans to make a scarf for his monkey with it.

Artists at Work!

Brad has always loved to draw, color, and paint. He could happily spend his free time creating.
Annabelle has just recently found the joy of creating art!
All finised and ready for drying!
Sammy, would like to paint too but he cannot figure out how to hold a brush.

What happened to Easter and dyeing fiber

Today I wanted to post about Easter but my pictures are gone GRRRRR! DH cleaned off the computer and put the pictures on a disk. I will have to dig those up later. SO for today I bring you my new favorite hobby.

I have officially fallen into the dyeing fiber pit and I don't want to get out. I had so much fun dyeing with Easter egg dye that I went back to the store and purchased a bunch more. The picture above is blue and green dumped randomly. I wrapped it in plastic wrap and steamed it for 45 minutes.
This is another batch that I dyed red orange, and yellow. This one has already been steamed and it is cooling down.
I believe this one is my favorite, the Lime N Violet pod cast was my inspiration. I only used purple and green but the purple separated into blue on the fiber. This one is waiting for a rinse.
I finished picture of almost dry fiber. I am very surprised that the dye stayed so vivid. I expected most of the color to fade or wash out. I will definitely be using this dye again. More pictures coming soon.