Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Days 53-55 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 22 Cherry fabric for a bag with blue lining. I picked up both of these fabrics at W-M to make a bag for my small knitting projects.
February 23 Magnetic paper doll. I picked this up for Annabelle at Pigtails N Inkwells in Saint Joseph MO.
While in St. Joseph I also stopped in at Joanns Fabrics. This was my first time stopping in and I must say that they had a lot more than I expected.
february 24 Elsie said that she likes the yarn that I spun! Red wool top combed. I have approximately 366 yards of feltable yarn.
We went Geocaching for the first time today. We found the first two clues but were unsuccessful on the third clue. We will go back out again next weekend and hopefully our work will pay off.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Days 50-52 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 19th The kids got straight to work making things out of my spinning wheel boxes. They played with their club houses for days.
This is the first fiber that took a ride on my wheel. The single is over twisted but I will get better at feeding and adjusting the wheel the more that I use it.
February 20th 5:30pm This is what happens when Annabelle doesn't take a nap at the sitters.
February 21 Annabelle wanted to help me spin. I held the bottom of the fiber and she gently pulled the fibers out while I worked the treadle.
My second grader took these pictures. He is learning so fast!

DAY 49



Sunday, February 17, 2008

Days 44-48 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 13 This is a picture of the spinning wheel that I just ordered except that I ordered the single treadle. I need to think of a good name for her.
February 14th These are a few of the things that I got for valentines day. My dad brought over the candy.
February 15th This is what I woke up to this morning someone had pulled the tops off of all the chocolates to see what was inside.
February 16th I have been constantly tracking my spinning wheel as it makes its way from the store to my home. It is not moving fase enough!
February 17th I had DH pick up some fresh cabbage at the store yesturday and I couldn't wait to cook up a batch for lunch.

Days 41-43 of 365 Pictures This Year

Sunday February 10th This is what happens when you wait until bed time to take a picture! The beautiful nightlights as seen from my front window.
This picture is a car driving past. Very intersting indeed.
February 11th This is my Sansa. I love using it for pod casts. I recently started listening to Cast-On, Lime n Violet, and Stash and Burn. All three are very different and very interesting.
This is the arm band for my Sansa. I love using it so that I can clean and listed at the same time.
February 12th Sad Sammy. Lilly (the cat) refused to play with him and Brad was playing a video game. Sammy layed on the rug and kept making sad eyes at everyone until he was finally given attention!

Day 40 of 365 Pictures this Year

I have finished my monkey socks! I was sweating a the end there was only about a yard of yarn left over. Talk about cutting is close.
The yarn I used is jitterbug in the colorway popcicle. I love this year and would like to use it for all of my socks but it is a bit expensive. If anyone knows of a place to by it at a reasonable price pleae let me know $27.00 for a pair of socks can't happen very often at my house.

If you look closely at the toes in this picture you will see the difference in kitchener stitch using Debbie Stroller's book Stitch 'n Bitch book for the sock on the left (which is perfect) and using an old stitch dictonary from the early 1900's for the sock on the right (Which is crazy weird looking)Granted the stitch dictonary had only two pictures for reference but when comparing the two directions side by side well I don't think the directions in the stitch dictonary could ever be interpreted correctly. This is what happens when you are unwilling to wait a few days to finish a sock so that your new book can arrive with good directions.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Days 38-39 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 7th I made Elise this smock yesterday to match the one that I made for Annabelle but have neglected to photograph. Elsie is a much more willing participant for photography sessions. The pattern is from Bend the Rules Sewing. Elsie just needs pants, a coat, and pj's before she can go to Tan-Tar-A with me next month.
Elsie loves to look out the window at the birds.
February 7th I made Christmas bread today to help fight off the cold. I mixed it in my new bread maker and then shape it by hand and finish baking it in the oven.
I helped the kids make these cookies for their grandpa they were a huge pain and I won't be making them ever again but they did turn out quite cute.
January 8th My mom picked up this thread holder at a second hand shop. The kids helped me put the spools on. Now all of my thread is easy to get to and somewhat oganized.

Days 36-37 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 5 Today is Tuesday, it is raining buckets outside with a chance of freezing rain and snow later tonight. School was let out early so what have I been doing? Working on my monkey socks of course. I purchased this jitterbug yarn at the end of summer and I am just now getting to the second sock some 6 months later. I love this pattern and the yarn is beautiful but do you see what I see? The first sock has beautiful striping of the yarn but the second sock is having some kind of epic land versus fire battle. These are even made from the same skein of yarn.
January 6 The snow has arrived luckily most of the Ice came down as rain so the roads are not too bad. NO SCHOOL TODAY for me or my son ( I teach at a small school about 20 minutes from our house but he goes to school in town). The birds were at the feeder most of the day.

This is the beautiful snow covered bush as viewed from our front window.

Heart Felt Wishes

February 4th day 35 of 365 pictures this year. This hat was made with healing love in every stitch for a very special woman who is fighting cancer. My husband works with her husband and her prognosis is not good. Keep her in your prayers.
The hat is being modeled by My Little Princess (she informed me that she wants one too).
I knit the hat out of this yarn that I picked up at Hobby Lobby in St. Joseph. I held the strands double and did a 3 by 1 rib the hat is very stretchy and soft. I used most of one skein. This hat could have been made with a whole ball to make a cuffed brim.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Days 32-34 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 1 Lilly has finally found a place to sleep that Annabelle can't reach.
February 1 Annabelle is practicing her ballet moves after watching Game Plan.
February 2 That is my son in the orange shirt. There were only two boys that signed up to dance to the chipmunks. He had a blast even though there were not very many boys. All of the kids got matching shirts for the performance but of course I forgot my camera.
February 2 Because there were only 2 boys they got to have a special part at the beginning of the dance.
February 3 This was a freak snow on Sunday. The snow came down in huge wet clumps for a few minutes. It looked like we were inside a snow globe.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Days 29-31 of 365 Pictures This Year

January 29th These are the latest addition to my new purse. The patterns for both of these items are available in Bend the Rules Sewing. I love having a matching set. The large one holds my Sansa music player which is full of pod casts and the little one is my coin purse.January 30th Mini pumpking pies at my FIL's request. I have mastered large pumpkin pies and everybody asks for them at family gatherings but after giving these a try I think that I will from now on be making mini pies. They are just the right snack size and they are easier to serve. Not to mention that they are easier to make than you would think.
January 30th I also made FIL cookies for his B-Day. They are chocolate caramel cookies with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Annabelle had a blast putting on the sprinkles.
January 31st Sorry about the blurry picture. I just couldn't get the camera to focus without natural light. If you know why drop me a note. I have wanted one of these pin cushins for a long time. My grandmother has one just like it and I loved moving the pins around when I was a child. Now I can't keep Annabelle away from mine! Oh the memories we are making.

Days 25-28 of 356 Pictures This Year

My very favorite book! I have been lusting over this book for months and I finally have a copy to call my own. Oh dear UPS your quick delivery is a blessing. By the time you will have read this post I have already made several items from this book. I wish that this book would have been available when my son was a baby. All of the instructions are easy to follow and written in easy to understand language.
Recently my FIL had hip surgery. To help keep him intertained for the next 6-8 weeks we purchased a playstation 2 and some hunting games. This is a picture of my son checking the fishing game out. He quickly was able to master the controls and beat the pants off of all the "old" guys. Once grandpa is done with the system it will be little mans early birthday present.
This is the fishing game that he has been playing. We also have a hunting game but every time the guys play they get eaten by wolves, wild dogs, or other wild beasts.
This is Elsie. I don't think I have introduced her before today. Elsie was created by me, she is an average sock monkey who is just waiting for some clothes so that she can go out and play in the snow with the other children. Elsie is a bed monkey, she spends most of her days snuggled in the covers to stay warm. Elsie is a lot like her mommy always cold in the winter.
The first thing I made with my new bend the rules sewing book was this lovely purse. It is just big enough to hold all of my necessities.
I have gotten several compliments on the fabric and design. I can't wait to get to a read fabric shop so that I will have a better selection of fabrics.