Sunday, March 23, 2008

No Longer Taking A picture A Day!

Hi Everyone I am Sammy, my mommy thinks I am beautiful even if you don't agree!
On Saturday March 15 we celebrated nephew's 4th birthday. The children had a blast playing on the piano. From Left to Right Brad, Nephew C, and Niece K.
The kids had a lot of fun running in circles and playing with the balloons. Annabelle is wearing the spring dress I sewed for her.
These are the Mom do you really have to take my picture poses. When did he get so grown up?
Almost 8 and almost done with 2nd grade!

I will continue to take lots of pictures and post often. I have found myself not posting just because I don't have pictures ready and I want to be able to post freely so even though I am going to try to take a picture every day I am not going to stress about it!

Days 70 -73 of 365 pictures this year

March 10th This Pinwheel jacket sweater has been finished for quite a while and although it is up on Ravelry I don't think that I have ever posted about it here. I used Ellan Peruvian Highland wool as called for in the pattern. It fits me 3 year old perfectly.
Annabelle modeling her sweater.
March 11th. My kids do the strangest things. After having showers the kids decided to take the cushions off of the couch and lay them on the coffee table for a bed. They played like that until it was bed time.
March 12th Too Cold for Fishing you say! Not in this House. I got this idea while I was gone to the Conference on the Young Years. The kids played all night with the fishing set. The fish are made with felt and the fishing pole is a paint stick, yarn, and a piece of velcro.
March 13th Queen Lilly has decided to find out what all of the Fish craze is about!

Days 68-69 of 365 pictures this year

Yes that is me dancing with Dr. Thomas Moore. Dr. Thomas Moore was a presenter at the Conference On The Young Years.
Saturday after the final class Tamy and I stopped to smell the first flowers of spring. Yes they were real and Yes this picture was taken on March 9th.
Elsie loves posing with flowers she thinks they bring out the color in her eyes.
These are a few more pictures of Elsie from her grand trip. Elsie loved the fresh cooked breakfast and hot coffee (decaff).
Okay maybe she got a few drinks of Tamy's coffee with caffeine because she was literally climbing the trees!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Days 66-68 of 365 Pictures This Year

March 6th I saw all of these birds on my way home from work today they were flying in the sky like a tornado. After picking up My friend T for our trip to Tan-Tar-A I stopped to take some pictures and they were all settled down.
March 6th I forgot to mention that Elsie will be joining us for our trip. Now before you call me crazy let me explain. We are attending The Conference on the Young Years. My preschoolers know where I am going and they are excited that Elsie will be going on her first long trip away from home. I will be taking many picture of Elise for her scrap book.
March 7th This is my friend T. I love spending time with her were are kindred spirits.
March 7th Viewing the sun set from our back yard at Tan-Tar-A was awesome. We got a place right on the water this year.
March 8th. Elsie is officially a star. Elsie was able to have her picture taken with Dr. Thomas Moore before he spoke and preformed to hundreds of early childhood educators. Dr. Thomas Moore is an amazingly generous man and he is kind to monkeys and children. Dr. Thomas Moore has several children's Cd's that are awesome you can find them at Elsie is smitten

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Days 62-65 of 365 pictures this year

March 2nd. I wanted to post about my winter hutch setting before it was put away for the winter. My mom gave me these dishes for Christmas several year ago and I just love getting them out every year. The wine glasses are not part of the set but they are safe from the children up there.
March 3rd. My DH the enabler purchased more socks for me to make different sock monkeys but they were not exactly as described so I think that I am going to try to dye them this summer.
March 4rd. This is my bubble gum ball machine filled with bouncy balls. My children love getting to turn the handle to get a ball.
March 5th. More Christmas bread. I am addicted to this bread it is easy, sweet, and delicious. As soon as I get the bread machine recipe just right I will write it up for everyone.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Days 60-62 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 28th Brad and Annabelle are enjoying a rousing game of Dora Candyland. Annebelle is learning to recognize her colors and Brad is practicing his patience. Something that we all need to work on this winter at our house. It seems that being stuck inside for so long has all of us a little frayed around the edges.
February 29th Pink and brown super wash merino. I hope to be done with this half by Sunday so that I can get it washed and skeined. I would like to take it with me to Tan-Tar-A for Conference on the Young Years.
March 1 I am done with spinning the merino and now I am working on plying the two together. The yarn is turning out beautifully.

Days 56-59 of 365 pictures this year

Feburary 25th New Shoes. Payless was having BOGO so we got two new pairs of shoes. Sorry about the fuzzy picture (it looked great on the camera).
February 26th I finally got my pink and brown superwash merino off of the drop spindle and onto the wheel. I am going to spin the other half onto another bobbin and then ply them. This fiber is so soft and smooth that it feels like butter in my hands.
February 27th Red wool top finished and skeined. It took forever for this to dry. It isn't very soft but I think that it will make a great felted bag. February 28th I have bed bugs or more accurately one bed bug. I have tried several home remedies and it just keeps coming back. I even gave it a bed of it's own but it just keeps coming back to mine. Symptoms of a bed bug include but are not limited to a sore back, lack of sleep, and general crankiness. Whats that? You need more proof that such a creature exists. Well I was able to capture the elusive creature on film see below.

Proof that bedbugs to exist. Bed bug Annabelle in her natural nightime habitat.