Friday, October 2, 2009

My BABY is 5 (cries crocodile tears)

Miss Annabelle turned five this month and I just can't believe that my baby can be 5 years old.

She Blew out 5 candles, invited her whole preschool class, swam until she was tuckered out, and best of all she became a new "mommy". Pictures to follow of my new "grandbaby", Annabelle named her Isabella Mae.

My babies are 5 and 9 boy the time does fly.

Last Camping Trip of 2009

Check out that lovely family picture! It was taken by a picnic table and a brick no less. I think that the picnic table did a great job but the brick was kind of distracting. I always like to get family photographs but their never seems to be anyone to take the picture that knows how to run a camera.

Brad and Annabelle always enjoy camping and they usually get along really well until Annabelle gets tired and cranky. This trip will always be remembered as the trip when we had to make a run to the emergency room in Cameron. Although I have not heard many good things about them I thought that they had great customer service and they were quick we were in and out in less than 2 hours if we had gone to Chillicothe it would have been at least 4 hours just to see the Dr. and then another hour to get glued and released.

This trip will also be remembered as the first hummingbird trip. The camp was being set up when we had out first encounter with the flying jewels, they were flitting about and chirping in the trees. On our first run for supplies we purchased a simple feeder and some premixed nectar. It only took a few hours before the hummers were eating right in front of us. We were able to sit in our lawn chairs just a few feet from the feeder and watch the hummers sometimes 6 at a time come to feed. Rubythroated hummers are the only variety that visit our part of Missouri.