Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Inspiration

I am inspired by, The generosity of blogger Sara who gave me this kidlet and in doing so has inspired me to dust off my sewing machine and have some fun.
Hand written notes.
A swing in the shade.

The natural curiosity of a 3 year old. To see the world through her eyes, feel it through her hands. How does a slimy, smooth, moving slug feel when petted by a child?

Lettuce growing in the garden ready to pick and eat. Burgundy on bright green with brown what a color combination.
Asiatic Lilly, once again a color inspiration. I can already see the beautiful socks these colors would make or a twirling skirt for a special someone. Deep rich pink with hints of yellow, brown, bright green, and white. Close your eyes, can you see it too?
Astible, when I saw this picture it made me gasp. The white, purple, pink, and green are stunning together like fireworks exploding in the night sky.
Day Lilly, rose, yellow, white, and green. My heart is alive with color. I have to go spin now!

This post was brought to you with inspiration from PhoeKnits.wordpress.com


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love colors too. And 3 year olds are always making you see things differently. It's a gift. :)

Thanks for taking part!

Rae said...


Guess what - YOU WON MY CLOTHESPIN GIVEAWAY! Email me at rae.made (at) gmail (.) com to let me know where to send it. Congratulations. (: