Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Easter

Please excuse my lateness in posting about Easter (Is it really already June? When did this happen? Can we rewind just a little?) We had a quiet and relaxing Easter at home with our littles. Every year for as long as I can remember my dad's family has gotten together on Easter for Food, Family, and Fun. I must admit that while staying home was relaxing there were many tears shed before hand as I came to terms with the lose of my Aunt Betty Ann and how that loss has changed our family. Aunt Betty has been gone for over a year and the family tried at first to continue as before but without the heart of the family, the planner, the soul, we are lost in the darkness. I am sure we will find our way back together but it will never be the same, still good just different.

In keeping with tradition we had an Easter egg hunt, and a special family dinner.

I made this amazing upside down apple pie and OH MY was it ever Delicious, but can I remember now where I got the recipe? No Not a Chance but when I do remember I will come back here and add in the information.

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