Sunday, December 2, 2012

Creating Waldorf Dolls

I recently found the blog Windfall Dolls and after spending many days looking through their archived posts of beautiful dolls I decided that I just had to make a waldorf doll for my doll Annabelle. I will be posting my doll making journey right here for all to see. Even if it isn't pretty the first time around. So come back and check for some bloopers, I am sure there will be many.
Photo is from adirondak patterns on Etsy. See I told you their dolls were beautiful!!!

This is where my story begins...

I spent several weeks searching the web looking at many different styles of waldorf dolls as well as other hand made dolls but I kept going back to windfall dolls. I love their individuality; their faces, clothes, and personalities come to life on the blog.

So the next step for me was to find a pattern and the matterials to make a beautiful doll. I ordered a pattern (it is more like a full scale book of a tutorial with great photographs of each step and written instructions that are easy to understand) from the windfall dolls etsy shop adirondak patterns Their shop also has many sewing and crocket patterns for doll accessories. They have many other items for sale as well. Go on check them out I know you want to I will wait...........

You finally made it back, I almost gave up on you.

The next thing I did was start shopping for fabric to make the body and head. This is not an easy process and in another post I will give you some links to shops that have double knit and interlock fabric. I plan to make the doll clothes from fabric I have on hand and to order some lovely yarn for the hair (shop info to come soon).

Right now I am waiting for my ordered fabric to come in the mail and until then I am spending time trolling etsy for super cute inspiration from all of the waldorf dolls that are for sale.

I will see you back here soon for the next installment of creating waldorf dolls.

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