Saturday, April 5, 2008

What happened to Easter and dyeing fiber

Today I wanted to post about Easter but my pictures are gone GRRRRR! DH cleaned off the computer and put the pictures on a disk. I will have to dig those up later. SO for today I bring you my new favorite hobby.

I have officially fallen into the dyeing fiber pit and I don't want to get out. I had so much fun dyeing with Easter egg dye that I went back to the store and purchased a bunch more. The picture above is blue and green dumped randomly. I wrapped it in plastic wrap and steamed it for 45 minutes.
This is another batch that I dyed red orange, and yellow. This one has already been steamed and it is cooling down.
I believe this one is my favorite, the Lime N Violet pod cast was my inspiration. I only used purple and green but the purple separated into blue on the fiber. This one is waiting for a rinse.
I finished picture of almost dry fiber. I am very surprised that the dye stayed so vivid. I expected most of the color to fade or wash out. I will definitely be using this dye again. More pictures coming soon.

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