Saturday, April 5, 2008

Current Spinning and Finished Dyed Fiber

I am currently spinning a white, brown, and black wool mixture on my Lendrum. More pictures when it is finished.
This is the first fiber that I dyed. I am calling it fire.
This is the second fiber that I dyed. I have not named it yet but the inspiration for the color combination was the Podcast Lime n Violet. I think that it turned out beautifully. This will be the next color on my wheel.
This was my final dye job for the day. I had two colors of blue left and one color of green. I dumbed, smooshed, and this is what came out. I am calling it ocean dive.
This was a small amount of roving that came in a recent order it has orange, brown, and black. My son helped me make this yarn by running the treadle he plans to make a scarf for his monkey with it.

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