Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brunswick MO Pecan Festival

The following picture is not a trick. This is a broken window in down town Brunswick MO as seen during the Pecan Festival Parade. My mother noticed it first and I of course had to take a picture.

Brad and Annabelle had a good time and enjoyed looking at the animals, bouncing in the bouce house, and browsing and booths. I munched on pecans and had a great time catching up with Dixie my favorite Aunt. Aunt Dixie treated us to Dinner at the Red Rooster (I hope I got the name right) they have a killer catfish dinner. The restaurant is in the back of a liquor store and you have to go into the store to play. My chidlren had never been inside a liquor store, talk about a new experience you don't want your children to remember! Annabelle got to ride a horse for the first time which she enjoyed but I don't think that she will ever become a cowgirl.


Breanna S. said...

lot of fun

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Kids in the liquor store! :) LOL How funny! Does your aunt live there? You always seem to find the neatest festivals to go to...where do you find them?