Friday, December 4, 2009

The lost post otherwise named Fiber Goodies

I was looking back through my old posts when I found this poor draft lost in the post archives from the beginning of the year (think January). So let me catch you up. At our fiber gals meeting we created mixed batts to spin and enter in the fair. I chose brown llama, brown wool, blue wool, and blue snips of eyelash yarn.

I did send the yarn to the fair but the judge said it did not have enough color for the category I entered it in. I am currently using it to make a cowl.

This is a picture of some of the yarn I was thinking about entering in the fair. Five of the pictured skeins come home with ribbons!

And this is one of my Christmas gifts. Brad ordered me a ball winder and I have used it repeatedly throughout the year. I now have it attached to an old ruler that I can put under my leg for ease of winding on the run or when a table is not available.


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I love all of your yarns, but that brown and blue combination is absolutely divine!

Anonymous said...

The ball winder...are you so excited? Looks fun! Makes life easier, eh?