Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Knitting


Currently I am working on a pair of hot wheel socks for my son I just got them cast on but in this heat I think that they stand a fair chance to get finished quickly. I am using Fortissima Socka yarn ans size 1 needles.

I am also working on a purse for my mother for christmas and considering that I am getting board with it I think Christmas is a very good goal. The pattern for the socks was a free pattern off of the internet. The Purse pattern is from the 2007 Boxed Knitting Calendar. I am using frabjous fibers recycled yarn that is similar to recycled silk.

Summer Knitting in the Heat YuckYuckYuck
Knitting in the heat is more than I can stand some days. Although temperatures here in Missouri have been mild to say the least I still have trouble knitting outside while the kids are playing. I tend to flit from one project to another and this is unlike me. Although I often get tired of one project and move on to another I am usually monogamous for a while. But the kids are having a lot of fun as you can see from the above photos.

Projects to cast on soon

I am going to my local W-M store today to look for baby yarn for a gift that I will need to finish before school starts. I am also on the look out for size 9 DPN's so that I can start my Pin wheel sweater. I managed to start my Little girls sweater using circular needles and it was a nightmare not to be repeated so I am impatiently waiting for my next trip to a true yarn store. Our Local W-M has yarn but has almost no Knitting needles they carry 4 sizes of Circulars, 8 sizes of strait needles and no I repeat no DPN's.

Forgotten projects

I also have many forgotten projects waiting to be finished including red mittens, a monkey dress, a scarf, and Annabelle's second sock. I don't think I have gotten much done this summer. Yuck Yuck Yuck I will regret that later when I am crazy busy and don't have time to sleep much less knit. But who needs sleep right! I found some of these in the dark recesses of my closet when I was putting everything in my Ravely account (sorry to those of you who have not gotten your invite yet Hold tight it will come).

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