Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

This years resolutions are listed below and although I have the best of intentions I know that some of them will go by the wayside rather quickly so bear with me. I am setting high expectations with the hope that they will be encouraging.

1. I will remember that I cannot control the actions of other people but I can contol my response to their actions.

2. I will put forth an honest effort to have the house clean before I set down to knit or spin.

3. We will not eat out more than one meal a week including weekends but not special trips.

4. This will be the hardest to stick to but here it goes. I will walk, run, bike, hike, jog, or crawl 150 miles before January 1, 2009. My husband is also doing this so I hope that he will keep me going.

5. I want to finish or rip all of my current wips before school is out in May.

6. I will blog weekly even if I have no knitting pictures to post.

7. I will take 365 photographs this year and post them to this site weekly.

8. I will take time just for myself especially when I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed because I am a better mother and wife when I feel good body, mind, and spirit.

There you have it. I will be checking in with this list often to try and stay on task.
The above picture is the super wash merino wool that I am spinning on a drop spindle. It has beautiful shading of dark to light pink and patches of brown. I picked it up at the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City this year. The fiber was dyed by Th'Red Head Designs by Marci Blank http://www.thredhead.com/ I am just getting started with spinning but I must say this fiber is silky, soft, and easy to spin as well as beautiful.
Ta Ta for now I am off to color a picture with my son.

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