Sunday, March 23, 2008

No Longer Taking A picture A Day!

Hi Everyone I am Sammy, my mommy thinks I am beautiful even if you don't agree!
On Saturday March 15 we celebrated nephew's 4th birthday. The children had a blast playing on the piano. From Left to Right Brad, Nephew C, and Niece K.
The kids had a lot of fun running in circles and playing with the balloons. Annabelle is wearing the spring dress I sewed for her.
These are the Mom do you really have to take my picture poses. When did he get so grown up?
Almost 8 and almost done with 2nd grade!

I will continue to take lots of pictures and post often. I have found myself not posting just because I don't have pictures ready and I want to be able to post freely so even though I am going to try to take a picture every day I am not going to stress about it!

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