Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Days 66-68 of 365 Pictures This Year

March 6th I saw all of these birds on my way home from work today they were flying in the sky like a tornado. After picking up My friend T for our trip to Tan-Tar-A I stopped to take some pictures and they were all settled down.
March 6th I forgot to mention that Elsie will be joining us for our trip. Now before you call me crazy let me explain. We are attending The Conference on the Young Years. My preschoolers know where I am going and they are excited that Elsie will be going on her first long trip away from home. I will be taking many picture of Elise for her scrap book.
March 7th This is my friend T. I love spending time with her were are kindred spirits.
March 7th Viewing the sun set from our back yard at Tan-Tar-A was awesome. We got a place right on the water this year.
March 8th. Elsie is officially a star. Elsie was able to have her picture taken with Dr. Thomas Moore before he spoke and preformed to hundreds of early childhood educators. Dr. Thomas Moore is an amazingly generous man and he is kind to monkeys and children. Dr. Thomas Moore has several children's Cd's that are awesome you can find them at Elsie is smitten

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