Sunday, March 23, 2008

Days 70 -73 of 365 pictures this year

March 10th This Pinwheel jacket sweater has been finished for quite a while and although it is up on Ravelry I don't think that I have ever posted about it here. I used Ellan Peruvian Highland wool as called for in the pattern. It fits me 3 year old perfectly.
Annabelle modeling her sweater.
March 11th. My kids do the strangest things. After having showers the kids decided to take the cushions off of the couch and lay them on the coffee table for a bed. They played like that until it was bed time.
March 12th Too Cold for Fishing you say! Not in this House. I got this idea while I was gone to the Conference on the Young Years. The kids played all night with the fishing set. The fish are made with felt and the fishing pole is a paint stick, yarn, and a piece of velcro.
March 13th Queen Lilly has decided to find out what all of the Fish craze is about!

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