Monday, March 3, 2008

Days 56-59 of 365 pictures this year

Feburary 25th New Shoes. Payless was having BOGO so we got two new pairs of shoes. Sorry about the fuzzy picture (it looked great on the camera).
February 26th I finally got my pink and brown superwash merino off of the drop spindle and onto the wheel. I am going to spin the other half onto another bobbin and then ply them. This fiber is so soft and smooth that it feels like butter in my hands.
February 27th Red wool top finished and skeined. It took forever for this to dry. It isn't very soft but I think that it will make a great felted bag. February 28th I have bed bugs or more accurately one bed bug. I have tried several home remedies and it just keeps coming back. I even gave it a bed of it's own but it just keeps coming back to mine. Symptoms of a bed bug include but are not limited to a sore back, lack of sleep, and general crankiness. Whats that? You need more proof that such a creature exists. Well I was able to capture the elusive creature on film see below.

Proof that bedbugs to exist. Bed bug Annabelle in her natural nightime habitat.

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