Saturday, January 5, 2008

days 1-4 of 365 pictures in 2008

I am using my Kodak Easy Share Z740 to take these pictures. The weather has been so dismal and dark with all of the clouds and very cold temperatures that taking a picture with good lighting has been quite difficult.

This first picture of the new year shows my angel Annabelle! She has learned that taking care of five demanding babies is a lot of work. She fell asleep at 11:30 while I was getting lunch ready.
I told my son that I was planning to take a picture every day this year to which he said "Can I help you mom?" Sometimes I have more influence over my children than I realize.
This is what couch wars look like at our house. I think my husband is loosing but the victor looks quite proud. No one was harmed in the making of this picture.
My darlings finally settled down to play a game after I tried for an hour and a half to get a picture of them while they were running here and there. Brad is teaching Annabelle to play checkers what a hoot. I keep hearing "You can't move there but you could go here or here or you can jump my guy what do you want to do?" To which Annabelle says "I want to go there (meaning the sopt she can't move to)" Brother is being very patient but I don't think Annabelle is ready for games with so many rules.

On the fiber end of things I have not been doing much spinning or knitting because I have been spending time researching spinning wheels. I am going to Yarn Barn in Lawrence Kansas at the end of the month to try out wheels and I want an idea of what I am looking for in a wheel before I get there. Things like ratios and tension and single and double drives are starting to become more clear.

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