Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pictures for days 5-8 of 365

January 5 Snuggling on the couch doesn't get much better than this. Annabelle just out of the tub has that new baby smell for just a little while. I am reading my now most cherished book At Knits End Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot. I love her sense of humor!

January 6 I think that My knitting blog is going to soon turn into a spinning/knitting blog. This is a sampling of my very first spinning attempts. From Left to right: the first one was not spun by me, it was made by a spinning friend who allowed me to ply it on her Lendrum so that I could get a feel for plying on a wheel. The second yarn I spun on a CD drop spindle with free wool fiber the third blue monstrosity is the very first drop spindle yarn that I created, the fiber content is unknown (it came wrapped around the spindle). And last but not least this is the second yarn that I spun on the drop spindle. The last one contains some silly color combinations because I was just grabbing fiber from the free fiber bin at the festival.
January 7 This is Her Royal Majesty Queen Tiger Lilly as she prefers to be called but we usually just call her Lilly. As soon as she realized that I wanted to use her spot to take pictures of my yarn she jumped at the chance to let me know who rules this palace. Lilly is our adopted kitty she originally belonged to my husbands brother. When he found out that the Marines were sending him overseas for a year he asked if we would keep her. We could not be happier to have her in our lives.
January 7 I tried to forge ahead with the photo shoot but just when things got set up Lilly tried to eat the pretty candy cane yarn. I did not get a picture of that yarn hanging sorry! I made that yarn at my spinning friends house on her Lendrum while trying out many different kinds of fiber including silk, mohair, angora, wool, etc. I think that the red and green make it look like a candy cane so that is what it will be called. January 8 I came home from work today to the lovely smell of peanut butter cookies. I have the most wonderful husband ever! He also cooked dinner and did the dishes! Sorry ladies he's taken!!

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