Sunday, January 27, 2008

Days 21-24 for 365 pictures this year!

January 21st Home made cinnamon rolls. I made these using my new breadmaker on the dough setting. Once it was done I rolled out the dough added cinnamon and sugar and then I rolled it into a log. The log was cut and the rolls left to rise. After baking I added frosting and the rest was history.
January 22nd Brad's spin art creations are taking over my mantle. They add a beautiful splash of color to the livingroom.January 23rd DH and I are trying to eat healthier and be more active. The children are getting in on the act as well. I thought that them doing sit ups was the cutest thing I have seen all year.
January 24th Will the snow every end? I would like to clean my floors and have them stay clean for more than an hour!

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