Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Days 53-55 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 22 Cherry fabric for a bag with blue lining. I picked up both of these fabrics at W-M to make a bag for my small knitting projects.
February 23 Magnetic paper doll. I picked this up for Annabelle at Pigtails N Inkwells in Saint Joseph MO.
While in St. Joseph I also stopped in at Joanns Fabrics. This was my first time stopping in and I must say that they had a lot more than I expected.
february 24 Elsie said that she likes the yarn that I spun! Red wool top combed. I have approximately 366 yards of feltable yarn.
We went Geocaching for the first time today. We found the first two clues but were unsuccessful on the third clue. We will go back out again next weekend and hopefully our work will pay off.

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