Sunday, February 3, 2008

Days 25-28 of 356 Pictures This Year

My very favorite book! I have been lusting over this book for months and I finally have a copy to call my own. Oh dear UPS your quick delivery is a blessing. By the time you will have read this post I have already made several items from this book. I wish that this book would have been available when my son was a baby. All of the instructions are easy to follow and written in easy to understand language.
Recently my FIL had hip surgery. To help keep him intertained for the next 6-8 weeks we purchased a playstation 2 and some hunting games. This is a picture of my son checking the fishing game out. He quickly was able to master the controls and beat the pants off of all the "old" guys. Once grandpa is done with the system it will be little mans early birthday present.
This is the fishing game that he has been playing. We also have a hunting game but every time the guys play they get eaten by wolves, wild dogs, or other wild beasts.
This is Elsie. I don't think I have introduced her before today. Elsie was created by me, she is an average sock monkey who is just waiting for some clothes so that she can go out and play in the snow with the other children. Elsie is a bed monkey, she spends most of her days snuggled in the covers to stay warm. Elsie is a lot like her mommy always cold in the winter.
The first thing I made with my new bend the rules sewing book was this lovely purse. It is just big enough to hold all of my necessities.
I have gotten several compliments on the fabric and design. I can't wait to get to a read fabric shop so that I will have a better selection of fabrics.

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