Sunday, February 17, 2008

Days 41-43 of 365 Pictures This Year

Sunday February 10th This is what happens when you wait until bed time to take a picture! The beautiful nightlights as seen from my front window.
This picture is a car driving past. Very intersting indeed.
February 11th This is my Sansa. I love using it for pod casts. I recently started listening to Cast-On, Lime n Violet, and Stash and Burn. All three are very different and very interesting.
This is the arm band for my Sansa. I love using it so that I can clean and listed at the same time.
February 12th Sad Sammy. Lilly (the cat) refused to play with him and Brad was playing a video game. Sammy layed on the rug and kept making sad eyes at everyone until he was finally given attention!

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