Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 40 of 365 Pictures this Year

I have finished my monkey socks! I was sweating a the end there was only about a yard of yarn left over. Talk about cutting is close.
The yarn I used is jitterbug in the colorway popcicle. I love this year and would like to use it for all of my socks but it is a bit expensive. If anyone knows of a place to by it at a reasonable price pleae let me know $27.00 for a pair of socks can't happen very often at my house.

If you look closely at the toes in this picture you will see the difference in kitchener stitch using Debbie Stroller's book Stitch 'n Bitch book for the sock on the left (which is perfect) and using an old stitch dictonary from the early 1900's for the sock on the right (Which is crazy weird looking)Granted the stitch dictonary had only two pictures for reference but when comparing the two directions side by side well I don't think the directions in the stitch dictonary could ever be interpreted correctly. This is what happens when you are unwilling to wait a few days to finish a sock so that your new book can arrive with good directions.

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