Sunday, February 10, 2008

Days 36-37 of 365 Pictures This Year

February 5 Today is Tuesday, it is raining buckets outside with a chance of freezing rain and snow later tonight. School was let out early so what have I been doing? Working on my monkey socks of course. I purchased this jitterbug yarn at the end of summer and I am just now getting to the second sock some 6 months later. I love this pattern and the yarn is beautiful but do you see what I see? The first sock has beautiful striping of the yarn but the second sock is having some kind of epic land versus fire battle. These are even made from the same skein of yarn.
January 6 The snow has arrived luckily most of the Ice came down as rain so the roads are not too bad. NO SCHOOL TODAY for me or my son ( I teach at a small school about 20 minutes from our house but he goes to school in town). The birds were at the feeder most of the day.

This is the beautiful snow covered bush as viewed from our front window.

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