Sunday, February 3, 2008

Days 29-31 of 365 Pictures This Year

January 29th These are the latest addition to my new purse. The patterns for both of these items are available in Bend the Rules Sewing. I love having a matching set. The large one holds my Sansa music player which is full of pod casts and the little one is my coin purse.January 30th Mini pumpking pies at my FIL's request. I have mastered large pumpkin pies and everybody asks for them at family gatherings but after giving these a try I think that I will from now on be making mini pies. They are just the right snack size and they are easier to serve. Not to mention that they are easier to make than you would think.
January 30th I also made FIL cookies for his B-Day. They are chocolate caramel cookies with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Annabelle had a blast putting on the sprinkles.
January 31st Sorry about the blurry picture. I just couldn't get the camera to focus without natural light. If you know why drop me a note. I have wanted one of these pin cushins for a long time. My grandmother has one just like it and I loved moving the pins around when I was a child. Now I can't keep Annabelle away from mine! Oh the memories we are making.

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