Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bethal World Sheep Festival

I am not sure that the World Sheep Festival lives up to it's name but it was a fun day with friends and spinning and knitting.

Of course their were beautiful sheep vying for their chance to be on my blog!

And sheep in coats!

This sign made me laugh every time I walked by. While at the world wool festival I learned how to finger weave, ate a tomato stuffed with tuna salad YUM!, huddled under a tent during a pouring rain storm, and had plenty of time to talk to Jeffrey who won best in show on the yarn he entered! Did I take pictures of those things no of course not I was too busy finger weaving. Did I mention that I almost brought home an angora bunny, I didn't this time but I am still considering getting one or two after we live in the country.

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