Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hunting Season is Open

Annabelle and I enjoyed our day at home while the boys hunted the elusive whitetail deer. My favorite thing to do lately is bake bread in my bread machine so that is exactly what I did. I almost always use the recipe that came with my bread machine for classic white bread.

The boys spent the day laying around and being lazy with Annabelle and I. They are getting more and more lovey and trusting every week.

Annabelle layed down for her nap with a puppy on each side but Sam went out to potty before I could get a picture of all three. This is the first time that they willingly layed with one of the kids.

Annabelle wanted a lunchable for lunch but I didn't want to get out so we improvised. I used a small cookie cutter to cut hearts out of cheese and bologna. She also had a small pack of teddy grahams and crackers. She ate the homemade variety better than she has ever eaten the store bought kind

And best of all the boys came home with a deer. Hubby shot and 8 pointer now if only little man could get his first deer.

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