Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween and a Tutu tutorial

Every year for Halloween I try to choose costumes that fit my children's personalities but they don't always agree with what I have chosen. This year, I think that they chose very well (with a little help from mom)Darling son dressed as a ventriloquist He received many compliments about his unique choice.
Darling daughter finally decided to be a ballerina! Every time we took her picture she would strike a dance pose. I made her tutu out of a piece of elastic and a few yards of tule fabric. The Tutu was very easy here are the steps.
1. measure your child's waist then cut the elastic a few inches larger (the extra inches make room for growth)
2. overlap the elastic until it is 1/2 inch less than your childs waist measurement sew several times back and forth to reinforce your seam.
3. cut your tule into strips that are approximately 2-3 inches wide and double the finished length you would like plus 2 inches (example if you want the tutu to be 12 inches long cut your tule into 26 inch long strips)
4. Tie the tule onto the elastic keeping the ends as even as possible.
5. a new tule tutu will lay much more flat but a few time of wearing it will help it poof out!
6. when the elastic gets too tight just carefully rip out your seam and let out the elastic as needed
ps. I used a yard of each color tule.

The preschool parents did a great job and the kids loved the party!

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