Friday, November 20, 2009

The Missouri State Fair Blue Ribbons

Drum Roll Please This post is all of my blue ribbon yarn from the Missouri State Fair 2009 (yes my head is getting bigger as you read this).

My very favorite yarn and the one that I hoped would take first place was this lovely superwash merino. I separated out the fiber with the hope of creating blended color transitions of roughly the same amount to create a lovely visual effect of shaded transition. I entered this one into the gauge and swatch category. I used a simple feather and fan pattern, gently blocked the swatch and send my love off into the world. Boy was I proud to see it win a blue ribbon as I thought it was my very best spinning of a dyed roving.

The pink yarn is a merino with many extras thrown in, there are bits of tinsel, commercial yarn, and it is plied with sewing thread. This one won first in the boucle group which completely knocked my socks off after I saw what some of the other ladies had entered in the same competition. I thought that their yarn was by far much better than mine.

and last but not least the most amazing win of all. This was the first real spinning I ever did, it was all spun and plied on a drop spindle. I entered it in the intermediate category because I didn't feel right entering it in the beginner category (at the time of entry I had been spinning for over a year) even though I had only been spinning a few months when I finished this yarn. I was expecting a white or possibly a red but definitely a blue! My first experience with the fair has been very positive and I am already looking forward to next year.

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