Thursday, November 19, 2009

Missouri State Fair and the First Day of School

This year for the first time I entered handspun yarn in the Missouri State Fair. I was not expecting to get much so I was very surprised when I got several ribbons.

2 White ribbons earned at the fair. The green is yarn that I purchased as white fiber, I dyed it, spun it, and it is going to be used in a february lady sweater.

3 Red Ribbons the burgandy yarn was made from merino fiber I purchased at the renaisance festival a few years ago. The brown yarn is 100% llama fiber purchased from Zelma.

my third red ribbon was for a dyed mohair that I won at the All Missouri Spin In held in Chillicothe in 2008. I spun it as a single with curly locks hanging loose.

This is all of my yarn with ribbons or without laying on Zelma's pool table. Tomorrow I will post about the blue ribbon winners.

Brad and Annabelle are all dressed and ready for their first day of school. Brad is in 4th this year and Annabelle is on her last year of preschool.

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