Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Missouri Bike Tour Chillicothe

Brad enjoyed getting to Ride the Route after the professional bike riders started their trek out of town from Washington street to highway 190. the event was not very well planned. The planners made sure that the professional bikers had a safe route but they did not do the same for the elementary school aged children who participate in Ride the Route. The children biked down Washington street and then turned onto Locust in front of the YMCA this is the part that gets a little crazy the side streets were not blocked off for the hundreds of children riding their bikes on the route that they were told to take people who were trying to leave the bike route on Washington were pulling out in front of the young children riding their bikes instead of waiting and the "security" that was used during the event just walked right on by doing nothing to protect the children. Parents ended up standing in the side streets to block the traffic for the safety of other peoples children as well as their own. Chillicothe prides itself on being a family town but they really dropped the ball on keeping our children safe during a community activity luckily no children were hurt. I think that is the end of my rant thanks for hanging in there!

The professional riders were moving fast so fast that I could only take a few pictures before the entire group was gone.

Another rant but shorter this time. Annabelle got a birds eye view because inconsiderate adults kept moving in front of her and instead of doing what I wanted to do (use your imagination) Brad just put her up on his shoulders. I was amazed by how rude an adult could be to a 4 year old, I am wondering what our society has come to. Common courtesy is not so common any more.

This was my favorite team logo although it made me want to go out and get some Jelly Belly jelly beans.

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