Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update From Pugs Weekly

Samual Zeus (pictured above) and Ares are both doing better they are getting more trusting and less shy almost every day.  Both puppies run from us when we are standing but if we sit the will climb all over us! Potty training is not going as well as I had hoped but I know it will take them a while as they were used to using the bathroom in their cages.

I got them several toys at the after Halloween clearance sale after a few days they began to play with them and fight over them.  I got two toys but they always want the one that the other has (the toy is always more fun if someone else is playing with it).

Ares who tends to be the leader of the pack was the victor this time.  He is small but mighty!

And Ares figured out how to keep his toy hold on tight and lay on top of it!  Can you tell is eyes are looking to the left, that is because one of the kids was walking by and he wouldn't lift his head to see what he was doing.  Ares spend about 20 minutes playing shifty eyes before he decided he was done monopolizing the green toy.

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