Monday, November 2, 2009

How could I resist?

Welcome puppy Ares (who could resist that adorable little face) How do I begin to describe the path that led me to this beautiful face? In May a tragedy struck our home like non we had ever weathered before, Sammy our loyal and loving pug left our world to be in doggy heaven where he would always have love and he wouldn't feel any more pain. I still cry and get weepy when I think about how much I miss him. At that time I said that I would never have another pug because I just could not replace the best dog I had ever had the privilege to own. Boy was I wrong every where I looked this Summer and Fall there were pugs, pugs in commercials, pugs in e-mails, pugs in calendars, pugs at the park, pugs in books, (you get the idea) and every time I saw one my heart said "I want to love that baby, take it home and give it all the love I used to give to Sammy" how could my heart be wrong. We began our search by looking at rescue shelters for a pug puppy that was in need of love and care but were unsuccessful. As a last effort I decided to check the classified adds in the Kansas City Star newspaper. In the very last add there was a listing for two pug puppies who were 7 months old that desperately needed new homes because their current owner could no longer care for them. After speaking with the owner we schedule a meeting to pick a puppy, long story a little shorter we decided to adopt both of the puppies. The story gets better so hold on! Darling son is in Pug Heaven with two babies to love~

The ride home with the puppies was uneventful as they both quickly fell asleep. When we got home the realization of the puppies deprivation was becoming much more aparent. These adorable puppies had not been socialized or handled well, they cower and run at the slightest movement from anyone, do not recognize their names or respond to calls or whistles. The person we rescued them from told us that they were well loved and played with daily by herself and her daughter unfortunately I do not think that was the case. We are working extra hard to build a trusting relationship with the newest members of our family, I will let you know how it goes.
Oh yeah I told you that the story got better, DH's sister came over and told us that at Boo Fest up town a person was selling pug puppes out of a box at Citizens Bank. We were at Boo Fest and went right by the place she said they were sitting at, had we been presented with the opportunity we would most likely have purchased a pug puppy. I believe that fate has played a hand in making sure that Ares and Samuel Zeus came to our home instead of us getting one of those puppies just the day before. I am praying that with lots of love and attention that both puppies will become well socialized members of our family.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

They are adorable!! :) How are they doing?