Monday, November 23, 2009

Chautauqua in the Park

Elaine and Louise are spinning away at the Chautaqua in the park. They both spin on Lendrum Double Treadles.

This is the swatch from my white ribbon winning yarn and some corridale locks that I purchased at the Chautaqua. I ended up not using them on my sweater so I am not sure what I will be doing with the yarn after it is spun.

Jeffrey is a long time friend of the family. Jeffrey worked with my mother for years before we moved and she found a job closer to home. Jeffrey spins and weaves. Jeffrey makes the most amazing shawls, table cloths, and runners.

Jeanessa is new to spinning but her ability is amazing, she spins superfine and is very consistent. Jeanessa also dyes yarn and has written a crochet pattern. Her productivity amazes me and she manages to do all of this while running a daycare and raising her daughter.

This is the latest of my knitted babes. I have not given her a name yet but I can tell you that she is looking for a new home.

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